Our weeklong bootcamp will focus on a comprehensive overview of the industry and respective game.

Campers will not only improve their gameplay and learn about competitive team strategy, but also learn about the esports industry as a whole, highlighting the gaming ecosystem from gamer, publisher, team, streamer, staff, etc.

This camp is ideal for kids age 10-17 who are looking to improve their gameplay, build lasting friendships, and learn about potential esports opportunities in college and beyond.

Camp will run Monday through Friday, each day including a morning and afternoon session, breaking for lunch. Camps begin at 10AM PT each day.

Dates: July 13th – 17th
Ages: 10-17
Price: $150



Monday, July 13th
Health and Wellness in Esports seminar - how to fuel and take care of your body for optimal play! Get matched into teams for quick play and scrimmages - let’s get to know our teammates!

Tuesday, July 14th
Participate in an Esports Seminar/AMA with Los Angeles Valiant General Manager, Mike Schwartz. Take part in exercises meant to develop your understanding of the macros and micros of the game.

Wednesday, July 15th
Participate in an Esports Seminar/AMA with some of the Los Angeles Valiant players! Learn about their backgrounds and how they made it to the biggest stage. Spend time reviewing VODs and learning how to improve your gameplay.

Thursday, July 16th
Engage with Los Angeles Valiant staff to learn more about their roles in the organization. Find out how a career in esports can be an option for you! Join in on an AMA with the coaching staff for the Los Angeles Valiant to see how their career paths led them to coaching professional players!

Friday, July 17th
Have members of the coaching staff of the Los Angeles Valiant lead you through a VOD review. Learn new insights from professional coaches on how to make you a better player!




Improve your gameplay and get to know the people who actually do this for a living – our professional Overwatch players. Our diverse pro roster has a wide range of gaming and cultural differences – but nonetheless compete at the highest level as teammates and friends.

From in-game tactical help to general advice on balancing gaming and a healthy lifestyle, our pros have spent years figuring out how to maintain their skill level and competitive focus.

Our professional Overwatch team staff paired with Nerd Street Gamers unmatched experience in youth esports provide you with the tools to succeed – not only in gaming, but in whatever path life may take you.




You can’t win an Overwatch match alone. Your teammates have your back and you have theirs. In this camp, you’ll learn that great teams are diverse with a wide range of abilities. While not every team member needs to be a leader, everyone can contribute and lead in their own way. Most importantly, you should be having FUN. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re taking it too seriously.




Similar to most traditional sports, self-examination is essential to establishing and improving the skills necessary to grow in Overwatch. Those at the top know that almost as many hours are spent reviewing gameplay footage as are spent actually playing. Some mistakes can’t possibly be caught in the frantic pace of play.

Our coaches guide you and provide the information you need to grow. Our pros give you a glimpse into the life of a full time esports professional athlete.

Our Overwatch camp highlights skills like goal-setting, communication, and problem solving. These skills clearly apply in gaming- but are also pivotal throughout your experiences in high school, college and beyond.